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Election Merchandises Setting Trends

In the 21st century, the meaning of election has completely changed. Earlier, something which was more of two-way communication between a party’s candidate and the people now has become more of an engagement thing. Today, if we speak of a political party say BJP or RJD, it focuses on keeping their supporters happy and at the same time provide various services to them to cater their small needs. Election Merchandises do the very small but effective thing for them, that is keep the supporters happy, committed, and engaged to the party or the candidate.

So, the question is, however will the engagement come? From the social-media, right? the solution isn’t any, not entirely. There area unit alternative stuff that play their elements too, the sole distinction is that we tend to don’t listen to that. Here area unit a number of the election promotional product that facilitate in election political campaign and that we at Digital Dhaba area unit set to affect it for you. It can be utilized in the approaching assembly elections 2021 just like the one we are going to be having in state successive year. Besides the merchandise has been celebrated in common parties like RJD, BJP, TMC, Congress, etc. 

  1. Mugs: Election Mugs when it comes to promotional items in an election campaigns are utterly handy and suitable. They can be customized according to the user’s and election campaigning needs. Most importantly are useful even after the event ends. Pictures imprinted on the mugs add a very person feel and the people or the audience relate to it. Slogans written on the top of it could act as a moto of the campaigns too.
  • Key Chains: Election Key chains can be used as an effective way to promote an election campaign as they are small, attractive and most importantly are used by all age and groups.
  • Caps: Election Caps are classy and people love wearing them during rallies. Not only does it give a sense of unity amongst the supporters of one political party but, also are attractive and useful in extreme weather conditions.
  • Wrist Watches: Brand image is established by giving away items which are costly and have a value. An election wrist watch fits in well under both these categories. People appreciate such items and are attracted towards certain political party because of the costly items.
  • T-Shirts/ Shirts: Political campaigning T-Shirts with the brand logo or the party or the party candidate’s name and image gives a sense of belongingness and unity to people towards the party. This one particular item is used since ages as we have seen the party supporters wearing identical logo T-Shirts in order to support their favourite candidate.
  • Utensils: Utensils are used by all and certain utensils like steel bowls, plates add in a favourite touch to the campaign.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are classy and gives a very elite feel. One of the best election campaigning tools to say the least.
  • Wrist Bands: Election Wrist bands are worn by almost all, regardless of the fact that the person is a male or a female. This is also one of the most unique promotional tools till date.

Author : Ashba Rizvi

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